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Here at Commack Family Dental office just minutes away from Deer Park, NY 11729, we pride ourselves on the number of cornerstones from which we operate our business. Finding a dental office that suits all the needs of a modern patient is no simple task. We realize how difficult it can be to find a family oriented dentistry, focused on keeping their patients happy, healthy, and smiling. Of course, even finding a dentistry with the best intentions doesn’t ensure that their fluent and up-to-speed with the most useful and creative technologies. 

At CommackFamilyDental, we believe we’ve perfected the art of meeting each one of these requirements with flying colors.
From the staff we employ, to the technology utilized, to the medical professionals that treat you, we’ll offer a convenient experience that’ll have you coming back to Commack every time.

First and foremost, we have an extensive and selective hiring process for our entire staff. When you encounter an employee of this office, you can rest assured that you’re treated like family. We know that visiting the dentist is no one’s favorite activity, but anything that we can do to make the visit enjoyable- we’re sure to do just that for our patients.

Whether it’s something like working with you to find an appointment that fits your busy schedule, or something as simple as greeting you with a smile every visit, you can count on Commack Family Dentistry to treat you with a friendly attitude the entire time. We want to make sure that any question or concern that may arise is a problem you can comfortably and confidently bring to our attention- worry free.

Dentists are used for far more than the standard checkup in todays fast pace medical environment. To avoid the hassle of finding other orthodontists or dentist, we’ve amassed a collection of the most useful and advanced pieces of hardware that are used in the field today. Whether you’re looking for dental implants or just cosmetic repair, we can assist you in a plethora of procedures using the most technologically advanced tools available in modern dentistry. To help diagnose any problems and prescribe the proper treatment, we have the OP300 CT Scanner. This is a state-of-the-art 3D dental imaging system that allows us to inspect a patient’s anatomy with complete safety- guaranteed. Through this diagnostic tool and several new technologies, we can ensure success and safety to every patient that stops by.

At our office we’ve vetted our medical professionals to ensure that they’re the most capable individuals. Trained in a whole variety of areas, (such as bonding and white fillings, installing crowns and bridges, even products like Invisalign or dealing with sleep apnea) our dentists are sure to have the skill and knowledge that will keep you in as much comfort as possible, and provide maximum restoration to your smile every time. We provide services in the way of: dental implants, tooth extractions, dentures, regular checkups
and more. When you visit us at Commack Family Dental, you can be sure that you’re visiting the most effectively-trained and competent individuals that work in dentistry.

Lastly, we strive to make the process of figuring out insurance and payment plans as painless as possible. We’re dedicated to providing high quality, cost effective care. Plus, we accept all major credit cards and offer a variety of payment installments- whatever we can do to ensure that the cost of keeping yourself healthy comes as manageable as possible. For many dental insurance companies,
Commack Family Dental is an in-network provider. Even if we aren’t your insurance’s preferred provider, we’ll be happy to work with you to maximize all potential dental benefits. Learn more about our payment plans here.

Our number one goal here at Commack in New York is to keep our patients’ smiles beautiful and healthy. That’s why we work so rigorously to ensure that every aspect of our business that we take pride in remains a cornerstone of our daily operations. If you’re looking for a family-oriented business that proudly serves its repeat patients with stellar care, you’ve found the right dentistry.

If you need access to the latest and greatest technological advancements within the field, you can be sure you’ll find them here. If you’re only interested in being treated by the most intelligent and well-versed professionals in your community (which everyone should be), then you don’t have to look any further than Commack Family Dental- located conveniently minutes away from Deer Park, NY 11729

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