Things To Do In Suffolk County

When in the US, Suffolk County is one place you might find of interest if you are in the New York. It is located in the Long Island region of New York. In 2014 it had about 1.5 million residents and that is large for an island of its size. The county is among the islands that early European settlers chose to settle down in.

It is one of those places that IBM has taken over to improve it’s water management and create a sustainable water supply.

Tourists planning to visit the island will find a few interesting activities to engage and places to visit.

There Oheka Castle to visit. If there’s a wedding happening you might not get a chance to enter unless you are among the invited guests. The castle offers a breathtaking view. Take your time to visit the castle so you can go around it leisurely. The castle looks lovely as can be seen from the pictures.

Visiting a cemetery might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But you can pause for some time to take a walk by it and just take a look at the memorials built in the name of those warriors who gave their lives.

Adventureland Long Island is another place you can visit and if you have kids they will like it from the start. The rides will keep you going for several hours and the family will enjoy the day thoroughly. Let the kids take rides while the elders can go do their own thing or you may want to join the kids for their safety.

By the time you emerge from the park, you will be thrilled and all exhausted for sure, wanting to return some time again.

For those interested in theaters, take a tour of the Gateway. Classes are conducted and if one is lucky he/she may enroll in one such class during the tour. However, for those only interested in visiting, The Gateway holds celebrations like the New Year’s Eve and others. If you are on time, buy tickets to the events and book yourself a seat.

There is the Paint the Town Studio and the Long Island aquarium and the animal shelter to visit. Foodies can rejoice in the fact that there are restaurants where you can have your fill of gastronomy.

Apart from the above, people can make their own plans to spend the day in fun and laughter. Take your family out on a picnic and when they need more entertainment let them have a day out with friends in some restaurant of their choice. With that many people in the island, it is thickly populated.

The island is looking to sort out its water problem and with the waters nearby you can look forward to a great time while the authorities break their head over it.

When in New York, visit us in the island and make the best of your tour by visiting the places that interest you.