History of Commack, NY

Commack is often spelled as Comac. It can be considered as a cross road village that can be found from the eastern side of the town called Huntington. By some people, it has been seen as a part of Smithtown as it can be noticed at the border. Commack is regarded as one of the oldest settlements in United States of America.

From the middle of agriculturally fertile land, you may able to locate Commack. Level surface can be noticed here that may be tilting at a side. The nature of the soil is pretty heavy. By improving the land quality, high quality agricultural produce can be found from here.

According to the statements of Richard M, Bayle in 1874, it is a kind of village with two hundred and fifty residents. In addition, reference of two stores, schools, churches, hotels and one post office can be found through the historical writing about this place.

During 1900s, Commack has been utilized as the training ground for the militia. It has been observed especially at the time Revolutionary War. However, the location has been utilized as a farm land at the same time.

One of the first shopping centers of Commack has been Peppertree Common. The store has been owned by Frank Otten till the year 1920. Delivery of the items is given to the customers every Friday by owner of the shop. Post office of the village has been created around the same time.

The same store has been bought by Mr. Kress and Mr. Kelly following to the death of Otten. Location has been taken over Charles Werle just a year after. Later on soda fountain and couple of gas pumps has been added to the location. From the general store, mails can be picked up also.

First hotel of Commack is remembered as Woodhull Tavern which is burnt down in the year 1895. Later on, Goldsmith Hotel has been built on the structure from 1770s. Gas station of Commack is developed in 1924. Same place has been bought by Frank Otten in 1936 and the location has been utilized to sell car afterward. In the intersection of southwest corner, cars are bought for repair also.

Goldsmith Hotel has been bought by Gordon Family following to World War I and given a new name called The Gordon Arms Hotel. Dining room has been added for the travelers later. In 1965, the hotel has caught fire. Through the years, Commack has been utilized for different kinds of business.

Commack has changed over the years. Fast paced life can be seen in Commack following to the year 2001. However, memories and history of a location must be remembered always. Upon old establishment of Commack, new things are created. Lots shopping areas, hotels and traveling attractions can be found in Commack now. Therefore, travelers often come here to spend holidays. Some people visit Commack for official purpose also. Several sports clubs can be found in Commack too. For the students, schools have been established also.

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